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The Ultimate Anti Aging Skincare Routine: Brain and Beauty

The Ultimate Anti Aging Skincare Routine: Brain and Beauty

Have you ever heard of the brain-beauty link? The duplet goes side by side. More than 70% of women in their 30s demand for the best anti aging skin care routine while having a stressful social life. However, research reveals that women who look deceptively younger than their actual age are more likely to carry a positive attitude towards life. 

beautiful woman stressing out and looking in the distance

Mind-crippling things such as stress and anxiety can alter the normal functioning of the brain and have been shown to hasten the aging process. Dermatologists also, are well aware of the vital role of psychological stress in the progression of skin diseases such as stress face rash.

However, one thing to add here is that positivity does not imply denial or apathy to certain stressful conditions. It simply means that we train our internal and external filters to focus on the positive aspects and potential rewards. And like skincare, having a happy mindset isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It is something that a woman must do on a daily basis in order to achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Further, a positive attitude can fix pretty much every problem of yours. In short, when you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to take better care of yourself. 

Effects of Stress on Skin

group of women supporting each other from stress

Disturbs Epidermal Barrier

According to clinical research in healthy people, psychological stress can disturb the epidermal barrier — the top layer of the skin that seals in moisture and protects from hazardous germs — hence delaying its restoration. When the epidermal barrier is disrupted, it can cause itchy skin, as well as chronic skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis, and wounds. 

Promotes Acne 

Stress has also been related to acne flare-ups. Your sympathetic nervous system produces stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline into your body when you are stressed. Cortisol causes your skin glands to produce more oil, blocking pores and triggering acne breakouts.

Stress Face Rash

Histamine, a hormone produced by your immune system and responsible for skin breakouts and hives, can be released due to stress and induce breakouts and hives. These hives are one of the physical effects of stress and are called stress face rash. Most often than not, these hives appear on the face and at back of the neck. 

Dark and Puffy Under Eyes

Stress can cause dark circles or swollen regions beneath the eyes, giving you a fatigued appearance and making you appear older than you are.

Inhibits Anti-aging Hormone

Many studies show that stress decreases the production of anti-aging hormones like melatonin, growth hormone and testosterone. 

Perception of Youthfulness from Your Attitude

We get that genetics and lifestyle play an essential role in your appearance but to look exceptionally young and ageless; more than 90% of aging factors are in your own control only by exerting a positive attitude.

Positivity plays a consequential role in stress management, which further helps to nip the nasty indicators of aging in the bud. Even if you have some wrinkles and stretch marks on your skin, people will consider you young if your attitude towards life is positive. However, knowing and acknowledging the fact that a positive attitude would benefit your mental health and make your skin appear younger, you may become more inclined to begin practicing meditation without any further delay. 

Although it appears challenging to maintain a cheerful attitude in the current political climate, you may want to give it a shot for the sake of your skin. 

5 Ways to Boost Positivity

Here are some easy ideas to get you motivated to incorporate more happiness into your life while also enjoying the youthful skin.

Your Top Priority Must be You!

To keep your stress levels under control, do whatever it takes to stay calm. Exercises such as deep breathing, yoga, unplugging from technology, caressing your dog, and other such activities may help you feel better.

woman meditating using yoga to relive stress

Don’t Drink Poison of Resentment!

Admit that you are the captain of your ship and take leadership of the situation. If you want to maintain a cheerful outlook, accept the notion that there are no legitimate reasons to be resentful in life. And keep in mind that anger, hatred, and envy do not change the hearts of others; they only affect your own.

Try to Stay Enthusiastic 24/7

Despite the fact that you may not always be in a positive frame of mind, there is something you can do: Force yourself to be enthusiastic! In the words of Dale Carnegie, "If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.." 

Make Skincare a Reason for your Smile!

I promise that an anti aging skincare routine and all your mind calming efforts will provide you day to day stability and will ultimately help your mental health.

Caring for your skin is a self-loving act that empowers your brain. For your help, we are going to state some must do anti aging skincare routine things below, 

  • Providing your skin a protective barrier to fight all the environmental factors is essential. Let the moisturizer play the biggest part in your skin care regimen. Use Age-Defying moisturizers. You may go for Feather-Light Miracle Moisturizer. Day and night, your skin would feel calm, pleasant, and supple with this moisturizer. Over time, red tones will diminish; aging signs will fade or slow down and within days, your damaged sensitive skin would repair itself greatly.
  • Sunscreen is a MUST! And can never be skipped. Use SPFs according to your skin type, a general recommendation is to use SPF30+.
  • Before going to bed, apply our age-defying Whipped Cream Sleeping Mask. This multi-benefiting 3 in 1 hydrating mask is filled with Liquid Crystals and is rich in antioxidants. The wholesome combination of jojoba, sunflower, safflower, rosemary, and black raspberry extracts detoxifies your skin while you sleep, provides hydration, lightens stress face rash and accelerates damage repair. Hence eliminating the pollutants and impurities, and restoring a well-rested, refreshed radiance by morning.

Choose your surroundings carefully!

Last but most important, make sure that your company or the people you live with are optimistic. Spending all day with a Negative Nancy will likely rub off you. Of course, we don't always have the option of avoiding those who are nasty to us. So, if you can't prevent it, try to keep that time to a minimum. 

If you have such friends who always know how to make you laugh or brighten your day, reach out to them more. Spend more time with people who make you happy and encourage you. The only advice we have for you is “Let go and be playful.”