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Changing Your Skincare Routine for Spring

Changing Your Skincare Routine for Spring

Preparing for Spring

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With Spring fully upon us, it’s time to address the seasonal changes and the effects these can have on our skin!

For many, Spring marks the beginning of allergy season. Constant sneezing, dripping nose, irritated, rashy and even flaking skin. Even for those with less aggressive symptoms, the skin may still be overly sensitive and easily irritated.

Adjusting your skincare routine accordingly can help calm irritations, reduce redness and keep your skin happy through the Spring season! Here are some of our top tips for how to change your routine as well as some other suggestions for managing symptoms of allergies.

Skin Care Routine

Switch to Gentle Cleanser

Many of us use cleansers with exfoliating beads or high acid content to combat flakiness and acne. With already irritated skin, these abrasive washes oftentimes stimulate even more irritation, redness and flakiness.

We recommend switching to a non-abrasive cleanser like our Gentle Facial Cleanser or our Hydrating Cleanser during spring. Look for washes created for sensitive skin that are free of harsh chemicals (we list the top harmful/harsh chemicals to avoid in our article here) and exfoliating beadlets.

Exfoliant with Enzymes

Exfoliation routines generally consist of an exfoliating face wash and/or some kind of exfoliating brush. During the Spring, when the skin’s sensitivity is heightened, these exfoliation methods can be excessive and only add to the skin’s irritation.

If you are noticing regular redness and flakiness try setting the scrubbing agents aside for a few weeks. Don’t worry, you can still achieve amazing exfoliation through products utilizing enzymes! Products like our Papaya Enzyme Mask gently eat away dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin without any of the aggressive and irritating scrubbing.

Note that some exfoliants do not use round texture and therefore can tear at your skin and cause damage.

Focus on Calming Hydration

Hydration is always critical, but can come in so many different forms. Some may utilize an anti-aging moisturizer or a mattifying acne moisturizer. When skin is extra sensitive it is best to utilize a moisturizer that focuses on calming irritations and protecting against future irritations.

Key ingredients like panthenol and sea whip can actually heal the skin on a cellular level, as well as provide deep hydration and calming effects. Our two top products we recommend during allergy season are our Feather Light Moisturizer and our Sea Whip Gelle Mask.

Antioxidants are Important Topically, Too!

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Optimistic woman in straw hat covers her eyes with orange and smiles while looking at camera. created by lookstudio -

As the sun begins to shine, so does your skin- that is, if you’re using an antioxidant.

As we transition into these warmer months, pigmentation like sunspots are notorious for showing up. Although antioxidants should be used year-round, it is especially important over the sunny months like Spring and Summer. Think of antioxidants as an insurance policy for your sunscreen, acting like little soldiers fighting against free radicals that cause damage to your DNA and increase the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Facial Lounge carries two amazing antioxidant options, Facial in a Bottle Day and Barrier Repair. You can use these separate, or even better, together for the ultimate antioxidant army!

Non-Toxic Products

For already sensitive skin, products with harsh chemicals can dramatically intensify irritations and redness. Be conscious of the products you are using not just on your face, but on your body and throughout your home! Harsh and harmful chemicals can cause irritations when applied to the skin or inhaled. Refer to our article on Spring Cleaning your Skincare Routine here for more information on cleaning out old, toxic products and how to choose cleaner ones!

A Few Natural Remedies for Allergies

    • Apple Cider Vinegar
      • Aids in reducing mucus production and supports the detoxification process of the lymphatic system! A simple tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day can have a dramatic impact on your allergy symptoms. A more palatable option would be to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning!
      • Stinging Nettle Leaf
        • This leaf is a natural antihistamine. It reduces the body’s histamine production in response to stimuli. This natural antihistamine can help reduce all allergy symptoms. Stinging Nettle Leaf can be bought in supplemental capsules or as a tea which can be steeped and enjoyed on a regular basis.
        • Eucalyptus Oil
          • Eucalyptus oil can be incredibly powerful at reducing inflammation and killing parasites, bacteria and other allergy triggers. You can put several drops of eucalyptus oil into your neti pot, inhale it via a diffuser, or use it in your laundry detergent as an antimicrobial agent.
          • For an eco-friendly, biodegradable addition to your natural detergents, add 25 drops of eucalyptus oil to each load of wash during allergy season. If your allergy symptoms are going strong, mix eucalyptus oil with coconut oil and rub it on your chest and behind your ears and diffuse it in the air during the day and while sleeping.

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