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Does Halloween Candy Make You Break Out?

Does Halloween Candy Make You Break Out?

Stop! Don’t Eat All That Halloween Candy! 

Halloween Candy Make You Break Out

That Halloween candy is probably calling your name. It tastes so good, but like most things in life, it has big consequences. Your skin-health is important to us, so we’ve listed some details to assist you with maintaining your “glowing” skin during holidays when we tend to overeat, splurge with treats and over-indulge.

Does Candy Cause Acne? YES!

Since the 80’s, the dyes in candies have been found to cause thyroid cancer. Candy comes with a ton of sugar as well, which is also inflammatory/cancer causing. Sugar also binds to the collagen in your skin… hardening your tissue. Did you know that most people look worse around the holidays because of their horrible diet during this time of year? Sweets, dye, and Halloween makeup are all horrible for the skin.

Does Makeup Cause Acne? YES! 

Makers of Halloween makeup and products do not take into consideration our skin cells.  The dyes in makeup can clog pores with toxic chemicals which cause acne, rashes, blemishes, and can leave your skin damaged. The Facial Lounge prides itself on bringing your skin back to life with our famous custom organic vegan facials, and we can deep clean all your pores and get you glowing again. As for the puffiness, we love Forma Facial Skin Tightening Treatment, it’s literally an instant facelift.  We specialize in healthy preventive techniques along with healthy maintenance/correcting features.

Another factor in your skin-health is gut-health. Your skin & nails are all affected by your stomach health and sugar is horrible for you. Sugar can create candida yeast in your body. Candida causes bad breath, horrible skin, nail fungus, and more complications than you can shake a stick at. We love the Fermentation Farm in Costa Mesa. That’s the best place to start to combat Candida. There are also a lot of great places in Newport Beach that can test for candida along with vitamin deficiencies, and hormonal change.

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