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The Night Routine & Oil You Need In Your Life!

The Night Routine & Oil You Need In Your Life!

The Perfect Way to End the Day!

It’s a fact that skincare is a nourishing form of healthcare. At Facial Lounge, it’s our duty to provide you with healthy and beneficial products to realign, fix, protect, and nurture your skin needs. We love our newest product Calming Chamomile Night Oil and so do you! It was recently sold out, but we have it back in stock online. 

Oxidized Oils Cause Aging and Blackheads

Our Facial Lounge founder Amber is adamant that you shouldn’t use face oils during the day. Face oils can oxidize and cause damage, especially in the sun. When an oil oxidizes, it causes blackheads, brown spots, discoloration, photo-aging and counteracts sunscreens. The definition of skin oxidation is when a compound loses electrons because the level of oxides is increased – contributing to loss of collagen and increase fine lines and wrinkles. I know, too much information? But seriously, as we age and our skin is more and more exposed to oxidation, we lose elasticity along with our glow. Over time, it takes a toll on our natural beauty. Remember to use antioxidants during the day.

Antioxidants help correct and prevent damaging signs of aging and discoloration. Antioxidants also help prevent sunburns and activates skin repair by promoting collagen and elasticity. Our Antioxidant & Aloe Illuminating Mist is a perfect vehicle to get the antioxidants you need. 

Skin produces its own oil throughout the day but decreases oil throughout the night, therefore, apply face oil before bedtime and your face will happily absorb the oil while you sleep and keep your skin hydrated and plentiful.

We urge you to take care of your skin at night and come in for a facial at one of our two locations!

Don't forget, you can order our Calming Chamomile Night Oil here, while supplies last!

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