Calming Chamomile Night Oil


Instantly transform your skin! Chamomile calming night oil is a deep hydrating night treatment that is made from a blend of clean ingredients to clear skin, calm and have you wake up glowing.

Just a few drops of this luxurious calming night oil , plant-based ingredients helps lock in moisture, improve elasticity, and boost collagen synthesis. It’s also rich in antioxidants and acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent to help fight free radicals and dehydration.

Genderless, vegan, cruelty-free. No added fragrances.

  • Visibly healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin
  • Helps skin support its natural collagen for a firmer feel
  • Helps calm redness, flakiness and inflammation
  • Visibly softens emerging lines and wrinkles
  • Luxurious, aromatic and soothing chamomile experience

Why you should only use face oil at night

That's because skin produces its own oil throughout the day.

This is important because skin that produces a lot of its own oil will absorb less oil. Oily and combination skin naturally makes it’s own oil throughout the day. Skin is the earliest mid day.

Your skin decreases oil throughout the night. Oil is lowest in the evening, just before your bedtime, face oils are best used at night when they're most easily absorbed.

Why you don’t use oil in the day

Face oils can oxidize and cause damage especially in the sun. Also Face oils counteract sunscreens. This is why in the daytime we want to use antioxidants. The definition of skin oxidation is when a compound loses electrons because the level of oxides is increased, when an oil oxidizes it causes blackheads, drown spots discoloration and photo-aging. As we get older, our skin is more and more exposed to oxidation and we loose elasticity and our glow. Antioxidants help correct and prevent damaging signs of aging and discoloration. Antioxidants also help prevent sunburns and skin repair itself by promoting collagen and elasticity.


Facial in a bottle night, then Lux cream or whipped cream sleeping mask followed
With calming night oil.

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Calming Chamomile Night Oil