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Skin Cycling Night Routine - Facial Lounge

Skin Cycling Night Routine

1) What are your thoughts on the skin cycling trend/Is it safe and effective?

Let’s first talk about what skin cycling is, it is using certain types of active skincare ingredients in an order which gives the skin time to both receive treatment and recover from. Not all exfoliation products are safe, the trend is with Retin-A but I prefer retinol. 

Facial Lounge has its own cycling protocol which we have been recommending for 20 years. We recommend doing the deeper exfoliating during your menstrual cycle, And if you dont have a cycle do a deep exfoliation every 28 days. This is the natural exfoliation process of our body and it’s great to keep the process up.

As we get older our skin stops exfoliating in a cycle and needs the extra help. We also recommend monthly facials especially with microdermabrasion.  Your skin will thank you.

2) Do you have any concerns about this trend? Are there skin types who should not do it?

Facial Lounge has its own safe protocol for skin cycling that is safe for all skin types. There’s a lot of different trends out there so I cannot recommended theres especially for sensitive skin. Also harsh Retin-A is not good for all skin types. We recommend Facial Lounges retinol resurfacing night treatment, not only is it a deep exfoliation but it’s packed with peptides for nutrition. It’s best to layer with our facial in a bottle night which is a time release glycolic acid that preps the skin, making way for moisturizing and retinol products to work their magic.

After two or three nights of this blend you follow with three nights of whip cream sleeping mask which is hybrid barrier repair night cream and mask. This helps heal, firm and give the skin an instant glow.

3) What do you think is the most important thing people should be aware of about skin cycling?

Not to over exfoliate and to calm and repair after exfoliating.  The skin loves to exfoliate but can be irritated and mad at you after the process. So you must give it some love with lots of hydration that is paraben and fragrance free. Not only is this good for large pores, blackheads, fine lines and scarring but definitely slows down the aging process.

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