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Facial Lounge

Membership Program

Your skin naturally exfoliates every 28 days, and a monthly facial is crucial to support this rejuvenation process. By maintaining a regular facial schedule, such as with a Facial Lounge membership, you enhance your skin's health and sustain a consistent glow. This commitment to monthly facials is the key to achieving your best skin while saving money.

The Benefits of Membership.

When was the last time that you really made a commitment to putting your health first? Our skin is our largest organ, but even more powerful is the mental well being of investing back into ourselves. People who get facials on a monthly basis can experience better health, better happiness, better attitude, and beautiful skin that glows every day. Getting a facial monthly is about more than just your face, it's about a wholistic approach to making yourself better.

You're Worth It

While our Signature Custom Organic Vegan Facial's are life changing and priceless, being a member makes it cost-effective to. Each month you will receive one of our Signature Custom Organic Vegan Facial's for only $160 (normally $195) and can come in any other time that month for the same price. Too get started, you will pay your first and last month membership and then you will be billed each month on the same day you receive your monthly credit. We look forward to seeing your face every month.

Signature Custom Organic Vegan Facials

Single Facial $195 | Membership Facial $160

If you love the facial you can sign up for our monthly membership at $160. You pay first and last month when you sign up, you can cancel anytime there's no contract. If you don't use it the facials roll over. Once you cancel you have one year to use all unused facials.

Elevate your facial: for only $48 add a micro dermabrasion, defuzzy, LED acne light, LED anti-aging light, or Nano Needling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I receive as a member of the Facial Lounge?
As a member, you'll receive one 50-minute customized vegan facial per month, 20% discount on Facial Lounge brand skincare products and 20% all other services and elevations. If you don't use it, you don't lose it. Your Facials rollover and unused facials can be gifted.
What is the price of the monthly membership at the Facial Lounge?
The monthly membership at the Facial Lounge costs $160.00 ($195.00 value)
Can I roll over my unused facials as a member?
Yes, your unused facials roll over and can be gifted
How can I use my unused facial credits?
If you miss a monthly facial you can use the credits for Facial Lounge Facial, forma facials, elevations, Facial Lounge brand skincare products or gift them to friends and family.
Is there a contract associated with the Facial Lounge membership?
No, there's no contract with the membership. You can cancel anytime.
How can I cancel my membership at the Facial Lounge?
To cancel your membership, you need to send an email to stating your wish to cancel. Other forms of cancellation will not be considered valid. Your facials are nonrefundable.
What happens to my unused facial vouchers when I cancel my membership?
When you cancel your membership, any remaining facial vouchers will be converted into a monetary value and you will be charged full retail rate. You do lose all membership pricing on Facials and skincare. Your account credit expires in one year.
What are the terms for the first payment of my membership?
Your first payment will include your first and last month's vouchers for a total of $320. All payments are nonrefundable.
How do I agree to the terms and conditions of the membership?
You can agree to the terms and conditions by checking the "I Agree" box in your membership waiver.
Can I get a refund for facial vouchers that I acquired during my active membership?
No, all facial vouchers acquired during your active membership are non-refundable. But do you turn into a store credit for one year.
What happens to my unused facials if I cancel my membership?
If you cancel your membership, all unused facials will convert into an account credit that expires one year from the moment of cancellation.
What happens to my membership pricing and discounts if I cancel my membership?
Upon cancellation, you lose all membership pricing and discounts on facials, elevations, and skincare.
What are the cancellation policies for my scheduled facial appointments?
Cancellations within 8 hours of your appointment will incur a charge of 50% of your scheduled appointment price. A "no-show" results in a charge of the full price. Cancellations prior to 8 hours before your appointment will not receive an additional charge.
Are the facials refundable?
No, all facials are non-refundable.
What is the policy if I arrive late for my scheduled appointment?
If you arrive late for your appointment, your treatment will be modified to end at the originally scheduled time without any extra time compensation.