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Oily Skin Care Routine

Although those toilet protector can really come in handy sometimes (IYKYK), let's leave them to their main duty.

To start, the Pore Clarifying Cleanser not only cleans surface oils and free radicals but also deep within your pores, without causing irritation, tightness, or dryness to your skin. Incorporating a scrum into your routine is crucial because a lot of skin is starving and you need to feed it the right nutrients it needs to become radiant and plump!

The Calming Hydragel is a healer by soothing any irritation or redness, helping clear any mild imperfections, and correct over-processing, leaving your skin hydrated with a matte finish.

Although you may feel like you can afford to skip moisturizing, it is actually crucial that you are applying enough moisturizer to your skin so your skin does not overcompensate for moisture loss, and therefore, produces more oil. We have the perfect moisturizer to accommodate your skin- the Oil Free Moisturizer! This moisturizer allows your skin to absorb and hold moisture at a cellular level, where it is most important, without clogging your pores.

To cap it all off, using the Sulfur Mask relieves skin of unwanted oils, decongests, and dries out blemishes. This can be used as a full face mask, or a spot treatment!

To recap, the oily skin care routine contains the following:

  • Brown Wash
  • Calming Hydragel
  • Oil Free Moisturizer
  • Sulphur Mask
  • Bonus: FIB Night
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