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Silver Facial Mist - Professional Bio-Active Silver Water Dietary Supplement by Facial Lounge

Silver Facial Mist

Our secret weapon: Silver 24 spray. Formulated in partnership with a top area physician, it features a special combination of Vortex filtered water and pure colloidal silver, ensuring the highest efficacy of bio-active silver parts per million on the market.

You may have heard how over-sanitizing can kill our good bacteria, too, affecting the health of our gut, brain, and body? Don't over-sanitize because some harmful ingredients can actually end up in our gut! Facial Lounge’s Silver 24 spray is naturally antibacterial, this convenient on-the-go solution is ideal for killing acne-causing bacteria AND germs lurking on hands, especially post-workout. Ultra-safe and highly effective, this stuff belongs in every gym bag and handbag!

Introducing Facial Lounge's Silver Facial Mist – the ultimate solution for acne-prone skin! This facial spray is infused with pure silver, a natural antimicrobial agent that helps to kill acne-causing bacteria and germs on the face or body. Not only does it help to prevent breakouts, but it also helps to soothe and calm irritated skin. Its lightweight, refreshing formula can be used anytime, anywhere to give your skin a quick boost of hydration and nourishment. Perfect for all skin types, this facial mist is an essential addition to any skincare routine. Say goodbye to acne and hello to healthy, radiant skin with Facial Lounge's Silver Facial Mist!

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