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What You Need to Know Before a Dermaplaning Facial

What You Need to Know Before a Dermaplaning Facial

Exfoliation at a Whole New Level

Dermaplaning is not exactly new. Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor loved dermaplaning. But back in the day, it was considered an insider secret and celebrities never talked about facial hair removal for women. This was a taboo topic that was always kept hush-hush until the age of social media. Women have been tweezing and shaving their faces for years. Some even wax or sugar but find it is too irritating to the skin when doing full-face hair removal.

woman getting a dermaplaning facial and the before and after

Enter: dermaplaning, the perfect fit for any woman who wants to get rid of dead skin and peach fuzz. Giving everyone that instant glow without any irritation.

What is Dermaplaning?

The dermaplaning facial looks like this: your esthetician will gently feather a scalpel-like tool across the surface of your skin, removing any unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin. Yes, it may seem like a scary concept but trust us and keep reading.

Is Dermaplaning the Same as Shaving?

While they are similar concept, they have a few differences. Dermaplaning is a professional, deeper exfoliant whereas shaving is a DIY hair removal. Dermaplaning is a skin-safe and thorough procedure that significantly changes the texture of your skin by minimizing the appearance of pores and removing unwanted peach fuzz and sloughing off dead skin. On the other hand, shaving removes the peach fuzz and minimal dead skin but doesn’t leave you with that same instant natural glow that dermaplaning does. Another pro to dermaplaning is that it has a much gentler approach as opposed to shaving that can leave you with ingrown hairs or razor burn.

Is Dermaplaning for Everyone?

Dermaplaning is safe for most people’s skin, especially those with sun-damage, aging, dry, sensitive, and dull skin. However, if you have any inflammation like cystic acne, flaring rosacea, eczema, or a sunburn, we suggest trying a different method of exfoliation. Other types of exfoliations we offer are our Brightening Pads, Facial in a Bottle Night, and our Papaya Face Mask!

Does Dermaplaning Cause Breakouts?

Dermaplaning does not cause breakouts! Since dermaplaning removes dead skin and peach fuzz, this eliminates any dirt, bacteria, debris, or other harmful environmental pollutants from getting trapped and clogging your pores. After removing this surface layer, your pores will be less noticeable and the chances of breaking out afterwards are tremendously reduced.

Does Dermaplaning Make My Skin More Sensitive to the Sun?

After a treatment, you will need to be cautious about spending too much time in the sun. Since your baby-like skin is newly uncovered, the sun can cause pigmentation spots. So be sure to wear your mineral sunscreen! We love Coola, Elta MD, and Ilia!

When Can You Apply Skincare and Makeup After a Treatment?

When it comes to skincare, apply immediately after! Your skin will drink it up. You will notice that skincare absorbs deeper into your skin allowing for a more effective skincare routine! Facial Lounge performs dermaplaning as an elevated exfoliation and immediately follows with a custom vegan skincare routine, allowing your skin to shine bright!

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

There are many benefits of dermaplaning your skin. We are exposed to so many pollutants and harsh environmental toxins, sun damage and debris that your skin can start looking aged and dull. As stated previously, this process provides you with a dewy exfoliation that removes built up dead skin cells and peach fuzz that traps dirt and oil and can create clogged pores. But this isn’t all it does, it allows for faster cell turnover, a more even, smoother complexion, and allows products to penetrate more deeply into your skin. You will notice that when applying your face makeup after a dermaplaning facial (which you most likely won’t even need!) it lays so smooth like butter on your skin because those pesky little hairs aren’t there to allow for uneven makeup. Dermaplaning is amazing for anyone with excess facial hair, dry or sensitive skin, acne scarring, or wants a nice surface exfoliation. Any pregnant women out there? This is also a wonderful option if you are weary about using any exfoliating masks to lightly surface your skin and allow that pregnancy glow to shine through!

The Procedure

When getting a dermaplaning treatment, it is a very relaxing and painless experience. We love to call Facial Lounge’s dermaplaning facial the “lunch break facial” because it is quick, only lasting 25 minutes, relaxing, and leaves you with a dewy glow. Another draw to having this treatment done is that there is zero downtime making it very convenient. When you return to work after break, people will be wondering how you got that healthy glow.

How Often Should I Get the Procedure Done?

It is recommended that you get a dermaplaning every 2-3 weeks. You will also know because the “peach fuzz” will start to appear and dead skin cells will start to build up creating a dull appearance. A commonly asked question is whether your face hairs will grow back thicker and darker. The hair on your face is called “vellus hairs” and these hairs will grow back the same texture and color as before the treatment!

This is a great procedure for anyone, especially those who do not have much time on their hands but still want that glow on the go! Everyone deserves some self-care, and this is the perfect way to give yourself just that!

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