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Men Should Get Facials... Despite The Beard & Stubble!

Men Should Get Facials... Despite The Beard & Stubble!

Get Your Facials, Guys! 

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Most "dudes" think they are too cool to get a facial. It’s just as important for men to get facials and good skincare as it is for women. Here’s how monthly custom organic vegan facials can help improve your skin, reduce ingrown hair and acne. Men get ingrown hairs everywhere! Some men get ingrown hair-bumps on their butt, ingrown hair-bumps under armpits, and ingrown hair-bumps on their inner thighs.

The Feeling Is... Nice!

If you’ve never had a facial, then you will love how relaxing they can be. Not only are they an opportunity to have quiet-time and self-care time (which men need as well), but most facials will include a relaxing facial massage as well as a massage on neck, shoulders arms, hand, and face. It's a simple stress reliever while you improve the health of your mug. 

To Shave Or Not To Shave!

You don’t need to shave to have a facial.  That's the misconception you've heard over-and-over. That myth is untrue! You can have a facial with or without hair. Shaving can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. We recommend skipping the shave for the day of facial. If shaving is a part of your everyday routine, you’ll likely have suffered from irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Ingrown-Hair Routine

If you suffer from frequent ingrown hairs, have a look at our Bye-bye Ingrown Hairs Kit. This kit works wonders on ingrown hairs thanks to the combination of our Pore Clarifying Cleanser, Retinol Resurfacing Night Treatment, Calming Hydragel, and Cryo Globes.

Exfoliate, My Guy!

Facial exfoliation is an important part of a men’s facial treatment which not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells, but it can release ingrown hairs under your skin. All this gives you a smoother shaving experience in addition to healthy skin, no matter your age, ethnicity or skin type. It's important to have a Deep exfoliation every 28 days, your skin naturally exfoliates, and a facial helps this process. Not only do you get instant results, but you also get long-term results that show.

Facials are very anti-aging and help with puffiness and swelling. It's ideal to do your facial as free sweating, so make your appointment after the gym. It’s not a good idea to get a facial then go in a sauna or Jacuzzi after. After exfoliation, your skin doesn't need heat and in fact, the bacteria from heat will counteract a facial.

Papaya Enzyme Mask

Our Papaya Enzyme Mask is filled with exfoliating natural papaya enzymes and pineapple enzymes. This cream mask dissolves dead skin, blackheads and congestion while leaving you smelling like a tropical vacation. This is a professional grade mask that exfoliates like a peel and scrub but without the irritation and is great to use at home in between facials.

Men Usually Produce More Oils!

Men have higher testosterone levels and produce more oil which can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, ingrown hairs and acne. In other words, men's stubble usually turns to rubble with a poor skin routine.  Regular facials can help balance your skin and reduce the amount of oil. Facials also stimulate blood circulation and combat dull and tired skin. Circulation can be started with a facial massage/especially a lymphatic drainage massage. 

We think it's pertinent to come in around the holidays when you’ve been indulging in food and drink a little more than usual. A facial can help to clear blocked pores, blackheads and impurities and puffiness. We want guys to dispel that ignorant fathom where facials are only for women. This is a new day and people who believe that are living in the black(head) ages.

Sulfur Mask

Our Sulfur Mask is one of the best facial masks for acne. Find fast relief with this deep pore cleansing, oil absorbing face mask as it calms your skin and and works in minutes to purify pores, free skin of unwanted dead skin and oil thanks to hand-picked ingredients such as pore-purifying zinc oxide and eucalyptus essential oil, oil-reducing Zinc PCA, shine-reducing sulfur and astringent witch hazel. Use it daily as a spot treatment on acne areas or as an all over treatment 1-3 times a week to balance your oily skin in-between facials.

Oily Skin Routines

If you are looking for a routine to use, check out our Oily Skin Care Routine. Not only will you find our Sulfur Mask, but you will find our Oil Free Moisturizer, Pore Clarifying Cleaner, and Calming Hydragel as well. All are great for oily skin.

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