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Dermaplaning Facial

Best Dermaplaning Facial in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Backbay, and all of Orange County

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What is Dermaplaning?

When skin rejuvenation treatments, like microdermabrasion and facials, are not helping you attain the outcome you want, but you aren't interested in more invasive procedures, you may be a candidate for dermaplaning skin treatments. Dermaplaning is a popular cosmetic procedure and facial treatment that smoothes the skin by stripping away dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a softer, more youthful look. Sometimes known as dermablading, this treatment is performed with a special tool and careful scraping techniques. Our esthetician team is thrilled to offer dermaplaning treatments at Facial Lounge in Corona Del Mar, California and Costa Mesa, California both located in Orange County. Dermaplaning is requested more these days because it is nonsurgical and able to provide smoother, younger-looking skin.



Our licensed aestheticians feather a sterile surgical blade across your skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and debris and gently remove unwanted peach fuzz.

Skin rejuvenating vegan masks and peels, serums and cream will then be applied to give you an ultimate glow.

Dermaplaning Facial Pricing

Single Facial $135 | Membership Facial $108

Duration - 25 Minutes

If you love the facial you can sign up for our monthly membership at $160. You pay first and last month when you sign up, you can cancel anytime there's no contract. If you don't use it the facials roll over. Once you cancel you have one year to use all unused facials.

Elevate a Facial: for only $60 ($48 for members), Dermaplaning can also be added to any full facial as an elevation.

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You won't find a better dermaplaning facial experience in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Backbay, or anywhere else in Orange County.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can dermaplaning cause acne?

Dermaplaning usually does not cause acne. It exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and facial hair that can trap oils and dirt. However, if your skin is not properly cleaned before or after the procedure, or if you have active acne, there is a risk of further irritation or breakout. It’s important to ice your skin morning and night after cleansing, this helps inflammation and prevents Breakouts. If your skin is dehydrated, it is important to use good skin care. We recommend Calming Hydagel after dermaplaning to prevent breakouts. Always consult with a skincare professional to help.

Will dermaplaning cause stubble?

No, dermaplaning will not cause stubble. The procedure removes the soft, fine vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz), not the thicker, coarser terminal hair. The hair will grow back at the same texture and rate as before the treatment. If you do have thicker hair on your sideburns, chin or lip, it is recommended that we wax or tweezer before dermaplaning to remove thicker hair.

Should I moisturize after dermaplaning?

Yes, you must moisturize after dermaplaning. The procedure can leave your skin feeling dry or tight, so applying a lipid repair moisturizer to sooth and protect your skin's moisture barrier. We recommend lux calming cream for dry skin and feather light moisturizer for all skin types including acne.

Should I exfoliate before dermaplaning?

No, you should avoid exfoliating before dermaplaning. Dermaplaning itself is an exfoliation method, and additional exfoliation may lead to over-exfoliation, irritation, and sensitivity.

Can dermaplaning help with acne?

Dermaplaning can help improve the texture of the skin and the effectiveness of skincare products by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. However, it's not a treatment for active acne. Consult with a professional to discuss treatment options for acne.

How long do dermaplaning results last?

The results of dermaplaning usually last up to three to four weeks. The exact duration can vary depending on your skin type, hair growth cycle, and how quickly your skin regenerates.

Which is better: dermaplaning or microdermabrasion?

Both dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are exfoliating treatments, but they target different issues. Dermaplaning is more focused on removing vellus hair and dead skin cells, while microdermabrasion addresses deeper skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Your skincare professional can recommend which treatment is better suited to your skin's needs and goals.

Does Dermaplaning it hurt?

No. Typically, most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during a dermaplaning treatment as this is a noninvasive procedure that focuses on the very top layer of skin. The purpose of the treatment is to gently scrape away old or damaged skin cells and “peach fuzz” hair for smoother, healthier skin. The results will provide a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No. Contrary to the popular myth that hair will grow back thicker when shaved, Dermaplaning does not interfere in the natural hair production process.

How often should I get dermaplaning?

We usually recommend that you receive a dermaplaning treatment once a month or every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain optimal results. Talk to your aesthetician to determine when they think it’s best for you to return for follow-up treatments.

Can I get dermaplaning after Botox?

It’s generally advisable to wait at least 24 to 48 hours after getting Botox injections before undergoing any facial treatment, including dermaplaning. This allows the Botox to settle into the treated muscles without being disturbed. Always consult with your provider for personalized advice.

Can I do dermaplaning and microdermabrasion together?

While it’s technically possible to do both treatments, it isn't typically recommended to have both on the same day as this could lead to over-exfoliation and irritation. A skincare professional can provide guidance on how to safely and effectively incorporate both treatments into your skincare routine.

Can I wear makeup after dermaplaning?

You can typically should not apply face makeup after dermaplaning, but it's recommended to wear eye make up and lipstick. We would wait till the next morning to wear make up. We do love Osmosis make up which we carry online and in store. This make up is clean and calming for the skin.

Is dermaplaning suitable for all skin types and tones?

Dermaplaning is generally suitable for most skin types and tones, but it may not be recommended for individuals with active acne or rosacea.

How much does dermaplaning cost?

Dermaplaning can be done as an elevation addon to our Signature Custom Organic Vegan Full Facial for $60, $48 for members. You may also choose to get our Mini Dermaplaning Facial which is a shorter version of our full facial service but paired up with the Dermaplaning elevation for $135.

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